An Asian man is facing backlash after he was captured on video fighting with a Black man on the Los Angeles Metro Blue Line earlier this month. The video, uploaded to Instagram, begins with the Black man punching the Asian passenger.

“Get the f**k off, stupid ass. I’ve been pepper sprayed before,” the Black man said at the beginning of the clip. “You think I give a f**k about that stupid-ass s**t? That’s too weak. I will f**k your ass up.”

The clip then shows the Asian man chasing the Black passenger down the railway platform during a stop.

“Come here. You a dead n***a,” the Asian man can be heard saying as he chases the passenger.

After he reentered the train, the Asian man was thrown down by another passenger.

“What the f**k is your problem, b***h?” the second man yelled as he threw down the Asian man.


Edgar Nuñez, a Los Angeles resident who operates the Instagram account @peopleofmetrola, recorded the video, NextShark reports.

“I don’t know exactly how it started, but at 3:02p while the blue line was en route to Slauson station, an Asian male was making threats to an African American male,” Nuñez wrote on Instagram. “Only the cameras will know how it started.”

According to Nuñez, the Asian passenger carried a screw driver, pepper spray and two types of tasers.

“If it’s one thing I learned about the hood, no matter what situation you’re involved in, never ever use racial slurs!” Nuñez added.

The passengers, according to Nuñez, were upset because of “how close the Asian man got with the pepper spray towards old folks and some kids.”

Authorities were alerted after the metro made a stop at Slauson, but the altercation continued, Nuñez wrote.

“The metro continued and the Asian man was going to find out the hard way for using so much racial slurs. Another male approached him and the Asian man continued to make threats with his weapons,” Nuñez said. “At one point shooting the taser to the other suspects stomach. In result he got his ass beat up. While beating up the Asian man, a white man jumps in the action and hits the Asian man with his skateboard and tells him to drop it.”

Nuñez, who uses the train and buses regularly, uploads various videos of bizarre incidents on the Los Angeles Metro.

According to Fox 11, the L.A. Metro released a statement in response to the latest altercation. Officials said they are adding security personnel, installing surveillance cameras, improving lighting and investing in other technologies.

“The Instagram video is extremely upsetting and concerning to us.  We have zero tolerance for violence on our system,” the L.A. Metro stated. “Upon review of the video, we have shared it with our law enforcement partners to further investigate this incident.”