Bowling Green police had to deploy pepper spray in order to break up two fights Thursday.

Two Findlay residents were cited for fighting after officers responded to screaming coming from the 300 block of North Enterprise Street.

According to the Bowling Green Police Division report, around 11:30 p.m., officers were handling an incident in the alley between North Summit and North Enterprise streets when they heard yelling and screaming coming from the 300 block of North Enterprise. They observed two separate groups of females actively fighting, according to the report.

Upon approached, an officer observed approximately 30-50 people were surrounding the two groups, according to the report.

Additional officers were advised to respond with lights and sirens to the location.

Both group of females continued to fight and ended up on the ground and approximately 8-10 other people were either trying to involve themselves in the fight or attempting to stop the fight.

One officer yelled for everyone to stop. That order was reportedly ignored as subjects who were surrounding the fighters began recording from their phones.

One officer deployed pepper spray in one-second bursts at one group of females and then turned toward the second group of females who were still actively fighting and sprayed them as well in one-second bursts.

At this point the 30-50 subjects scattered and left the area when back up arrived, according to the report.

The two women, identified as Malia Jones, 19, and Ariel Ballard, 18, were cited for disorderly conduct/fighting.

Bowling Green Fire and EMS arrived and began to decontaminate the two females. Four females who also were exposed also were treated.