WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – Wichita Public Schools confirmed that pepper spray was used to break up a couple of fights at Southeast High School on Wednesday.

The Wichita Police Department provides each high school with a school resource officer (SRO) to ensure safety for students, staff, parents and the community. The district said on Wednesday, extra officers were called out to help control the situation.

In a letter to parents, Principal Ben Mitchell said the pepper spray was used because the students did not follow the directions of the SRO, security officers and staff members, to disperse. He said the students involved will face consequences.

“Parents, we will not tolerate behavior that disrupts our school. The majority of our students are doing amazing things each and every day. I’m disappointed that the behavior of some can overshadow the great work of most of our students. We will continue to work on ways to make sure our schools are safe places for everyone,” Mitchell said.

Within the first two weeks of school, pepper spray was used to disperse a crowd of unruly students. Wednesday would mark the second time this school year the disabling weapon was put to use at the school.

According to the school district, no serious injuries were reported in either incident.